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About YIC

Why YIC?

  • Are you someone who has a big vision about your life but don’t really know where to start?
  • Would you like to create an impact but don’t have a network of people who would support you?
  • Have you ever wondered why some people are living their lives in happiness, fulfillment and success, while the others are regretting and wondering why things are not happening for them?
  • Are you confused about what should be the next steps in your life and career path?

What is YIC?

Young India Challenge (YIC) is a two day experiential national event for the top creative young minds to engage in innovative programs that will broaden their mindset and move them closer to what they love doing. Participants are selected from across the country.

YIC is an opportunity to discover and explore what you love doing by taking up an incredible challenge and connecting with the best mentors and career opportunities.

It is an opportunity for the selected youth to learn, grow and connect with the top industry leaders, best-selling authors, incredible speakers and game-changing entrepreneurs to gain leverage to grow their network and career. Selected participants meet incredible people and understand how to turn their passion into a successful career and get paid.

YIC is for you if:

  • You would like to make your career/life more meaningful, fulfilling and passion driven.
  •  You would like to proactively be in charge of your career and life throughout different circumstances and not be dependent on the employer, tests or external situations.
  •  You are entering the job market soon and would like to be more competitive.
  •  You would like to make a change in your career or in life.


1. Explore Your Passion: Most of us are unaware of our interests. Find what you don’t enjoy doing, or better, start exploring your passion in these two days!


2. #DoWhatYouLove: Don’t waste your life doing things which you don’t enjoy. Learn to follow your passion fearlessly and make it payable!


3. Find New Friends: You’ll find best young minds from all over India with different talents and backgrounds. Get a chance to connect with them and explore more.


4. Meet Awesome Speakers: Speakers from leading organisations like Microsoft, Facebook, KPMG, Business World, etc. will guide you to pursue your passion with their own stories and challenges.


5. The Challenge: Young India Challenge comes up with a real life problem which has to be solved in teams. Witness some of the real life critical situations while competing.


6. Get Motivated: The speaker sessions and challenge will not only guide you to pursue your dream but will also encourage you to abide by your heart.


7. Make Effective Networks: With so many brilliant young minds and speakers all around, one can grab this opportunity to connect with them and bring best out of these networks.


8. Get Job or Internship: Yes, many speakers and mentors look forward to inviting delegates for join their organisations. This will provide you with a new learning experience and of course, a good job profile.


9. Experience Awesomeness: Young India Challenge is just not another academic conference. You’ll enjoy meeting new people, doing fun activities and exploring. The experience is mind blowing and life changing.


10. Because it is Young India Challenge: If any of the above reasons don’t amuse you, then join us for being the part of the unique movement of #DoWhatYouLove. It is first time in history of the world that some organisation solely works to make people realise their passion and encourage them to pursue it. Be a part of this movement and make a difference!

You can apply for the next Young India Challenge

Opportunities at YIC

After speaking to thousands of young people from diverse groups and backgrounds, we believe that we have reached a point in our development where the new generation is demanding a dynamic education, corporate and social system that allows them to do what they love. There is a need to create a transformational culture that allows people to reach their fullest potential and be truly happy and content with the work they do and how they live their life.

All the delegates and teams will experience several mentorship sessions with mentors from across different parts of the society. Some working with startups, some running their own, some working as branding, marketing, finance and research professionals from MNCs and some from the media, acting, creative, artistic and education space.

YIC offers its delegates many opportunities to find mentors, work opportunities and recommendations to pursue higher education in some of the finest centers of learning. Given the limitations of the Indian education system, in terms of its lack of practical and experiential nature, we feel there is a strong needs to introduce young people to new ways of gaining knowledge beyond their graduation or MBA degree.

Program Highlights:

  • Inspiring sessions with incredible speakers
  • Mentoring sessions with a diverse group of mentors
  • Personal Growth Workshop “Hack Your Brain”

  • Solving the Challenge in your team
  • Networking with top young minds and youth influence’s
  • Sharing your own story to make an impact

Young India Challenge includes the following:

  • 2 day experiential event (from 8am-6pm on the first day, 8am-8pm on the second day)
  • Certificate of Excellence
  • Winning teams will be given rewards
  • Job and Internship opportunities with our partners
  • Access to an exclusive group and app, comprising of mentors and top youth of the country
  • It does not include accommodation









Next Young India Challenge

The next Young India Challenge “Impact Edition” will be held on 28-29 October 2017, Mumbai.


After speaking to thousands of young people from diverse groups and backgrounds, we believe that we have reached a point in our development where the new generation is demanding a dynamic education, corporate and social system that allows them to do what they love. There is a need to create a transformational culture that allows people to reach their fullest potential and be truly happy and content with the work they do and how they live their life.

Previous YIC

8th Young India Challenge 2017 was hosted at IIT Delhi. The top 400+ participants from 25 cities were selected from across the country after screening through more than 4000 applications and interviewing more than 1000 candidates.


There were 10 inspiring speaker sessions across the 2 days, coupled with some innovative workshops like “Hack Your Brain”. On the final day, fourty teams took up the challenge of presenting their solutions. The event concluded with an exciting #DoWhatYouLove awards night.


logo-for-websiteYIC is a creation of Human Circle – a movement to inspire, enable and empower people to follow their passion and reach their goals. The movement is driven by students, artists, freelancers, entrepreneurs, young professionals, authors, speakers, trainers, coaches, mentors and anyone else who believes that the only way to be truly successful, rich and happy in life is by doing what we love. This simple wisdom is translated by our ‘happiness team’ into experiential physical/virtual platforms and programs like hangouts, seminars, workshops, conferences, retreats, masterminds and festivals.


“As per the ‘Nationality Employability Report from 2013’, 47% of the graduates in India are unemployable in the knowledge sector of the economy. This ratio is worse for people who obtain engineering or MBA degrees. Students must explore their passion and pursue their higher education only in the area of their interest” – Kamal Seth, Founder & Chief Happiness Officer, Human Circle.

Find out more about Human Circle

Speakers & Mentors

YIC speakers, mentors and jury are some of the most distinguished individuals in their field of work. They come from extremely diverse backgrounds ranging from business, culture, social development, media, publishing, academics, startups, personal growth, dance and music and many more. The idea is to connect you with inspiring individuals who can connect with your passion and choice of career, guide you to make the right decisions and also offer some work opportunities to explore your areas of interest.


Key Partners/Mentors/Speakers Pool: GE, Unilever, KPMG, Startup Weekend Powered by Google, Boston Consulting Group, ESADE Business School, Indian School of Development Management, Mindler, MentorYes, KarmaCircles, Ashoka Youth Venture, Global Action on Poverty, International Youth Council, Your Story, Korn Ferry Hay Group, Talerang, Good Life Education, Indian Institute of Digital Education, Ecomytra,, Trijog, SaveLife Foundation, Sarvam Foundation, CoWorkIn, I Impact India, DU Beat, Campus Drift and many more.