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Why Young India Challenge?

As per the National Employability Report 2013 for India, 47% graduates are not employable in any sector of the knowledge economy. Situation has not improved till today. It is said that if you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest or some guy on television telling you how to do your stuff, then you deserve it.


What could possibly be the reason for the youngest country in the world to not fully utilize its greatest resource – the human potential of its people? Young India Challenge is an opportunity to challenge yourself and others in the quest of finding some answers and following your true passion.

Next Young India Challenge

Don’t miss the 10th Young India Challenge. It will take place on 12-13 October 2019 in New Delhi.


After speaking to thousands of young people from diverse groups and backgrounds, we believe that we have reached a point in our development where the new generation is demanding a dynamic education, corporate and social system that allows them to do what they love. There is a need to create a transformational culture that allows people to reach their fullest potential and be truly happy and content with the work they do and how they live their life.

Previous YIC

9th Young India Challenge 2017 was hosted at RGIT in Mumbai. The top 240+ participants from 54 cities were selected from across the country after screening through more than 2000 applications and interviewing more than 1000 candidates.


There were 5 inspiring speaker sessions across the 2 days, coupled with some innovative workshops like “Hack Your Brain”. On the final day, 24 teams took up the challenge of presenting their solutions. The event concluded with an exciting #DoWhatYouLove awards night.

Speakers & Mentors

YIC speakers, mentors and jury are some of the most distinguished individuals in their field of work. They come from extremely diverse backgrounds ranging from business, culture, social development, media, publishing, academics, startups, personal growth, dance and music and many more. The idea is to connect you with inspiring individuals who can connect with your passion and choice of career, guide you to make the right decisions and also offer some work opportunities to explore your areas of interest.










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