Young India Challenge | YIC 2017 IIT Delhi
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YIC 2017 IIT Delhi

Human Circle organised the 8th Young India Challenge (YIC) at IIT Delhi on 4-5 March, 2017. It was an ‘Impact Edition’ and the focus was on finding innovative and sustainable solutions for the ‘United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’. 500 selected participants, speakers, mentors, jury members and happiness team members from 25+ cities were invited to do the challenge. Eventually 4 teams (40 participants) emerged victorious and were rewarded with prizes worth more than Rs 1 lac each.


The smiles and memories at the Impact Edition of YIC at IITD will take a long time to fade away. The social media is still buzzing with pictures, stories and videos. The #DoWhatYouLove movement taking social media world by storm! Organized by Human Circle, the 8th Young India Challenge saw the participation from the top youth influencers in India.


Kamal Seth and Wioleta Burdzy Seth, the founders and creators of Young India Challenge and Human Circle, along with an energetic Happiness Team, welcomed the delegates from different states and walks of life with interesting ice breakers on Day 1. Heated discussions started with the very first session, as Kamal addressed the youth, asking them about their passion, career and objectives for life. The ‘Hack Your Brain’ session next woke up the delegates to hard-hitting challenges of life in India and around the world, and how can we overcome them by combining our passion and our attitude of not giving up. The Speakers lined up next were inspiring with their #DoWhatYouLove stories. The hall was charged with motivation and inspired by the addictive energy and enthusiastic of the speakers. At the end of the day, the delegates were divided in teams and the challenge was announced, leaving the teams in fits of excitement.


Day 2 saw the best mentors chosen from across India, extending their guidance to all the team. Authors, dancers, founders, corporate professionals, social entrepreneurs, social activists, CEOs of MNCs and many others were a part of the ‘YIC Mentors and Jury Panels’. The focus of the challenge was UN SDGs, pushing the teams to brainstorm and find the best possible sustainable solutions for them. The bond strengthened, the intensity grew and the presentations were presented.


The 8th YIC concluded with an awesome awards ceremony, announcing the winning teams and ‘You Are the Story Winners, happiness, energy, stories, sugarcubes and promises to spread the #DoWhatYouLove movement to make ours and others’ life better and impactful. An experience like no other!
Sponsors & Partners – ESADE Business School, Indian School of Development Management, AIESEC, Talerang, Mindler, MentorYes, KarmaCircles, Youth for Peace International, Global Action on Poverty, Ashoka Youth Venture, International Youth Council, PAN MACMILLAN INDIA, FITPASS, Culture Fox, Tangy Tomatoes, GrowthHub, I Impact India, Olready, Smaaash, Nutrilife, Thukral Tea, DU Express, University Express, Campus Drift, YourStory, Tasveer, EDC SRCC, Enactus SRCC.


1. Explore Your Passion: Most of us are unaware of our interests. Find what you don’t enjoy doing, or better, start exploring your passion in these two days!


2. #DoWhatYouLove: Don’t waste your life doing things which you don’t enjoy. Learn to follow your passion fearlessly and make it payable!


3. Find New Friends: You’ll find best young minds from all over India with different talents and backgrounds. Get a chance to connect with them and explore more.


4. Meet Awesome Speakers: Speakers from leading organisations like Microsoft, Facebook, KPMG, Business World, etc. will guide you to pursue your passion with their own stories and challenges.


5. The Challenge: Young India Challenge comes up with a real life problem which has to be solved in teams. Witness some of the real life critical situations while competing.


6. Get Motivated: The speaker sessions and challenge will not only guide you to pursue your dream but will also encourage you to abide by your heart.


7. Make Effective Networks: With so many brilliant young minds and speakers all around, one can grab this opportunity to connect with them and bring best out of these networks.


8. Get Job or Internship: Yes, many speakers and mentors look forward to inviting delegates for join their organisations. This will provide you with a new learning experience and of course, a good job profile.


9. Experience Awesomeness: Young India Challenge is just not another academic conference. You’ll enjoy meeting new people, doing fun activities and exploring. The experience is mind blowing and life changing.


10. Because it is Young India Challenge: If any of the above reasons don’t amuse you, then join us for being the part of the unique movement of #DoWhatYouLove. It is first time in history of the world that some organisation solely works to make people realise their passion and encourage them to pursue it. Be a part of this movement and make a difference!

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